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Welcome to the EddieFest Homepage!!!!!!!!!!

What Is EddieFest?

EddieFest is an event occuring on the anniversary of Eddie's first performance in Cleavage. It is to pay homage to our hero, our obsession, our shaggable, huggable, lovable Eddie Izzard!

What will we do?

It's basically a big party dedicated to Eddie! Everything Eddie. Eddie Shows, Eddie Flicks, Eddie Games, Eddie Dress-up, Eddie- inspired drinks, Eddie EVERYTHING!!!

When and where is this Event?

This event is to take place around 15- 17 October, 2004, in Cleavage (Eddie's name for Cleveland), Ohio! Our lovely host will be CATHY!!!  

As the event gets closer, attendees will be notified of the exact location, and will be provided maps if necessary.

Once enough people have filled out the survey, an itinerary will be made and placed on the site, at that time if you have any questions regarding technical aspects of the event (flight booking, hotel accomodations, etc) you can drop us a line.

We'll be letting you know all about this kind of technical stuff as the dates get closer. When you've booked your flights, be sure to let Cathy know so she knows when to expect you.



Check out the guestbook! If you have any suggestions, comments, or anything, write them down there! Or, if it's about the website, email me here:

If you haven't already expressed an interest in coming to EddieFest but you're thinking about it, either email Cathy or type your information (name, email address, etc.) in the guestbook and we'll contact you.


Check out the message board for updates!!!

Check this lovely corkboard out! Any site updates or EddieFest updates will appear here, so check back frequently!!!!!     My Corkboard

If you want to give us some suggestions about EddieFest itself, email Cathy here:


Please note that this is a fan- sponsored event and neither Eddie nor his management have anything to do with it.