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EddieFest Itinerary


EddieFest Itinerary


Thursday, October 14th:

       Circle- after dinner


Friday, October 15th:

       12-2pm:  All the Queen's Men

          2-3pm:  Je Suis

          3-5pm:  Definite Article

          5-7pm:  Velvet Goldmine

          7-9pm:  Dinner and Eddie Games

          9-11pm:  Revenger's Tragedy

          11-1am:  Criminal


Saturday, October 16th:

          8-10am:  Circus

          10-12pm:  Dress to Kill

          12-2pm:  Cat's Meow

          2-5pm:  Joe Egg

          5-7pm:  LATA

          7-10pm:  Dinner, Dress-up, and Eddie Games

          10-1am:  Sexie


Sunday, October 17th:

       10-1PM:  Mongrel Nation

          1-3pm:  Unrepeatable

          3-6pm:  40

          6-8pm: Dinner and Eddie Games

          8-11pm: Lust for Glorious/ Glorious

          11-1am:  GoodbyesL


Monday, October 18th:

       Hotel Check out

       Shuttles to the airport

          Rides to the airport


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