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Blatheren Profiles Page Two


1. Name: Dawn Carson

2. Blather name: vasara, etc.

3. Other nicknames: o captain, my captain :D, vas, v

4. Date of Birth: back when Christ was a kid

5. Date of Death: i was dead at the time?!

6. If you were on Death row, why would you be there: for going to a
island to convince a master samurai to make me the most deadly sword
then beheading GW during a press conference, bathing the TV cameras
with his
blood... (wow, that would make a good movie, eh?)

7. If you were on Death row and could pick your method of execution: my
comrades would spring me from prison at the last second, of course...
need to think about dying 'till we actually doing it...

8. If you were on Death row, what would your final meal be: what's with
the death?

9. Favourite drink: coffee and tea, not together...

10. Favourite alcoholic drink: grey goose and soda, two limes

11. Favourite song: egads, i can't pick just one... fave song of the
may be Salt In Our Wounds by HIM

12. Favourite bands: damn, you're asking all the tough questions...
fave bands of the moment... U2, AFI, Jeff Buckley, Kill Hannah,
Muse, HIM, Guided By Voices, The Anniversary

13. Favourite films: American Beauty, Braveheart, The Last Samurai,
Lord of
the Rings movies, The Royal Tannebaums, Amelie, Spirited Away, Pirates
the Caribbean, Playing By Heart, Immortal Beloved, Brain Candy... the
goes on and on...

14. Favourite actor/ actress: Viggo Mortenson, Johnny Depp, Gary
Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Juliette Binoche

15. Favourite comedians: Eddie-kins of course and Jon Stewart (yummm)

16. Current residence: on an island that cannot be found except by
those who
already know where it is

17. Place of birth: see above

18. Place of death: again with the death!

19. Favourite sports: hockey, hockey, hockey... soccer

20. Favourite holiday: any summer holiday so i can cookout and do

21. Favourite holiday location: New Orleans so far

22. Favourite car: 1995 VW Corrado VR6

23. Any pets: two goldfish

24. Languages spoken: i am fluent in pirate

25. Favourite telly programme: The Daily Show with my future husband...

26. Goals in life: the ones i see at hockey games

27. Favourite books: Lord of the Rings, The Jungle, Brave New World,
Fahrenheit 451, Vanity Fair, The Chronicles of Narnia, Kissing In
A Winter's Tale... i could be here all day with this one...

28. Hero: no thanks

29. Favourite cartoon character: all the characters from Animaniacs,
Teen Hunger Force, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Tick, Space
can't pick just one

30. Guilty pleasure/vice: i don't believe there is such a thing

31. Favourite swearword/ crude phrase: fark

32. Level of edumacation: eduma-what? wazzat? err... some college
still going...

33. Favourite word: anything i have to look up in a dictionary

34. Favourite animal: i like em all, many of them are quite tasty

35. Would you shag Eddie: errr...

36. Hobbies: reading, arsing around on the computer, movies,

37. Profession: serving wench at the moment

38. How many teeth do you have: all i need to bite ya with

39. Favourite piece of art: oooo, that's a toughy... used to be The
of Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester by Abbey when i was in high school
it's at the carnegie and i could just absorb it... probably the first
painting i really loved

40. Favourite artist: another long list... Waterhouse, Durer, Vermeer,
Rossetti, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Magritte, Ansel Adams, Robert

41. Favourite author: dude, what's with all these tough questions?
John Irving, nick bantock, dorothy dunnett, jack whyte, barbara
neil gaiman, etc, etc, etc...

42. How do you like your eggs: scrambled with cheese

43. Do you belong to any clubs: i am my own club

44. What is your favourite planet: the one we're trashing now

45. Ultimate fantasy: i guess i don't have one...

46. How many times (approximately) have you been stoned: haha, stoners

47. Favourite symbol: ankh, since i've got one tattooed on me

48. Do you know where the peace sign originated: it's got something to
with death, like most of this questionaire thingy

49. Have you ever shoplifted: yeah, stole some lippy when i was a
punk 15 year old

50. If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who
they be: Hitler, Plato, da Vinci, Eddie, and my Dad



1. Name: Trude Ellingsen
2. Blather name: trudem
3. Other nicknames: Blondie, Marilyn, Duh, Hey You…
4. Date of Birth: October 6, 1983
5. Date of Death: LOL Maybe October 6, 2083
6. If you were on Death row, why would you be there:  Death questions
so early? Umm…for beating stupid real estate agents to a blood pulp!
7. If you were on Death row and could pick your method of execution:
Lethal injection is pretty humane….maybe die of a sex overdose?
8. If you were on Death row, what would your final meal be:  Cuban food
from Felix’s (local restaurant) with the garlic chicken salad from
Ruta’s and Chocolate Motherlode cake from Claim Jumper
9. Favourite drink: Cherry Pepsi or sparkling lemonade
10. Favourite alcoholic drink: Peach wine cooler or sex on the beach
11. Favourite song: I can’t pick just one!!!
12. Favourite bands: Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Josh Groban, Jamie
Cullum, John Mayer, Jewel, Ella Fitzgerald, Lifehouse…there are many
13. Favourite films: anything with Eddie or Robin Williams, The Great
Escape, The Lion in Winter, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Love
Actually, The Princess Bride, The Return of the King, Indiana Jones and
the Last Crusade
14. Favourite actor/ actress: besides Eddie, I love Sean Penn, Johnny
Depp, Brendan Fraser, Pierce Brosnan, Christian Bale, Marilyn Monroe,
Judi Dench
15. Favourite comedians: Eddie (duh), Robin Williams, John Pinette,
John Stewart, Margaret Cho
16. Current residence: Orange County, California
17. Place of birth: Bergen, Norway
18. Place of death: Paul’s house (because finally I can die happy)
19. Favourite sports: football (aka soccer or bananas)
20. Favourite holiday: Christmas
21. Favourite holiday location: In the living room with my family at
Christmas with the fireplace lit
22. Favourite car: 1964 ½ Mustang light blue convertible
23. Any pets: 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 turtle and whatever moths my cat brings
in to play with
24. Languages spoken: English, American, Spanish, Norwegian
25. Favourite telly programme: Will & Grace, Are You Being Served?,
West Wing
26. Goals in life: to be happy, successful and content in whatever I do
27. Favourite books: The Giver, Pandora, Winter of Fire, She Who
Remembers, Kalki
28. Hero: anyone who is brave enough to follow their convictions
29. Favourite cartoon character: Buckey the Katt Rawks!
30. Guilty pleasure/vice: chocolate, Eddie, Blather
31. Favourite swearword/ crude phrase: They deserve a cock in the ear!
Or Jesus fucking Christ!
32. Level of edumacation: BA in History with Honors, MA pending
33. Favourite word: there are many
34. Favourite animal: otter, cat
35. Would you shag Eddie: what kind of stupid question is that? :P
36. Hobbies: reading, journalizing, writing poetry, photography
37. Profession: Student; Advertising & Customer Service—but only
temporary until I become a professor
38. How many teeth do you have: all that I’m supposed to (and all my
wisdom!) J
39. Favourite piece of art: Hmm…Starry Night by Edvard Munch, Waiting
by Edgar Degas
40. Favourite artist: Edgar Degas, Renoir, Rembrandt, David, Munch
41. Favourite author: Wow there are too many to list!
42. How do you like your eggs: scrambled only please (like my brain!)
43. Do you belong to any clubs: Nope, unless you count Blather!
44. What is your favourite planet: X
45. Ultimate fantasy: Changes daily
46. How many times (approximately) have you been stoned: zilch
47. Favourite symbol: male and female together (welcome to the 21st
century people!)
48. Do you know where the peace sign originated: yes
49. Have you ever shoplifted: only a lollipop once when I was really
50. If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who
would they be: Virginia Woolf, Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams, Lillian
Hellman, Karl Marx (so I can edumacate him on human nature)



1. Name:  Susan Hollar 

2. Blather name:   Susan_Hollar (how original, huh?) 

3. Other nicknames:   none (obviously...I'm not that clever!) 

4. Date of Birth:   09/05/1961 

5. Date of Death:   never 

6. If you were on Death row, why would you be there:   I'm vegan, so murder of any sort is out of the question...I don't know...I'm a pretty peaceful person. 

7. If you were on Death row and could pick your method of execution:   What's all this talk of death about?  I fear death, and really don't want to think about it. 

8. If you were on Death row, what would your final meal be:   (Vegan) chocolate and peanut butter. 

9. Favourite drink:    Coffee

10. Favourite alcoholic drink:   Watney's Red Barrel 

11. Favourite song:   I don't have just changes all the time.   

12. Favourite bands:   Duran Duran,  The Smiths, The Cure (can we say "stuck in the 80's"?) 

13. Favourite films:   Anything with Eddie in it!  Also, RHPS and Hedwig and the Angry Inch (do you see a pattern emerging?).

14. Favourite actor/ actress:   Uh...Eddie! 

15. Favourite comedians:   Uh...Eddie!  (Also, Steve Martin and Robin Williams...oh, Steven Wright and Emo Phillips, too...though not as much.) 

16. Current residence:   Columbus, Ohio 

17. Place of birth:   Alliance, Ohio 

18. Place of death:   Can we just stop talking about death? 

19. Favourite sports:   Football (not American...the rest of the world's version, i.e. soccer) 

20. Favourite holiday:   Christmas 

21. Favourite holiday location:    Oh, do you mean 'holiday' as in 'vacation'?  Uh, if so, that would be London.

22. Favourite car:   Mini Cooper 

23. Any pets:  One kitty, my 13 year old seal point Siamese, Kitty (see, I told you I wasn't that original!)

24. Languages spoken:   English (smattering of German...ein bischen!) 

25. Favourite telly programme:   I have all the Monty Python episodes on dvd, also, Fawlty Towers, Ab Fab, Black Adder...just picked up first season of Kids in the Hall on dvd.  I don't watch many current tv shows these days. 

26. Goals in life:    To be rich.

27. Favourite books:   I'm like Eddie in that I have a hard time reading, so I don't do much of it.  I did read "DaVinci Code" (like everyone else on the planet) was pretty good. 

28. Hero:   Uh...I thought it was apparent by my membership to Blatheren! 

29. Favourite cartoon character:    Pingu

30. Guilty pleasure/vice:   Food, and lots of it!   

31. Favourite swearword/ crude phrase:    Don't really have one (don't have a problem with swearing...just don't do it that often).

32. Level of edumacation:   I have a couple of useless B.A.s (Philosophy & Classical Humanities) least I enjoyed the process of getting them! 

33. Favourite word:    Meow (it's a my cat's vocabulary!)

34. Favourite animal:   Cats ( especially mine!)

35. Would you shag Eddie:   Do you really need to ask? 

36. Hobbies:    Watching tv, with my Kitty on my lap (do a lot of that!).

37. Profession:  Currently, I'm the music buyer for the Virgin Megastore, but we're permanently closing at the end of this month (May).  After that, who knows?

38. How many teeth do you have:   Wait...I have to count...28. 

39. Favourite piece of art:    The Lady of Shalott

40. Favourite artist:   William Holman Hunt

41. Favourite author:   Plato 

42. How do you like your eggs:   I don't eat eggs (vegan).

43. Do you belong to any clubs:   This one. 

44. What is your favourite planet:   Saturn

45. Ultimate fantasy:    To be the ideal weight (my 'ideal', not society's, necessarily), and to eat whatever I want and never gain a pound.

46. How many times (approximately) have you been stoned:   10 

47. Favourite symbol:    Never really thought about it before...I liked Prince's symbol (the combo of male and female...I like that idea...which, of course, makes sense, being the Eddie fan I am!).

48. Do you know where the peace sign originated:   yes 

49. Have you ever shoplifted:   yes 

50. If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would they be:   Are these separate dinners or all five together?  If separate, then Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, and...Eddie!  If all together, Eddie, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Jennifer Saunders, and Rowan Atkinson (hey, they're all could actually happen...probably won't, but could!).


1. Name: Paul R.  Woodcock

2. Blather name: St Paul

3. Other nicknames: Paulio, Woodcockio, Woodburningfostercock, Whitemouse, Woody (this list can go on for a while)

4. Date of Birth: 22/07/80 or 07/22/80 for you Americans

5. Date of Death: I am immortal, so never.

6. If you were on Death row, why would you be there: Wrongly accused of killing a US president

7. If you were on Death row and could pick your method of execution: Electric Chair

8. If you were on Death row, what would your final meal be: Carbonara

9. Favourite drink: _Mocha, Hazelnut Latte, anything with Coffee really

10. Favourite alcoholic drink: The Big Wednesday (it's a lovely coctail!!!!!)

11. Favourite song: (currently) You're Pretty Goodlooking (for a girl) by The White Stripes

12. Favourite bands: The White Stripes, The Strokes, The Jam, The Who, The Smiths, The Beatles, The Rasmus, The Divine Comedy, The Killers, The Thrills, The Vines, The Zutons, The Cooper Temple Clause and finally I Am Kloot (there's a lot of 'the's there)

13. Favourite films: Se7en, Alien, Four Rooms, Donnie Darko, Trainspotting

14. Favourite actor/ actress: Ewen McGregor, Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci

15. Favourite comedians: Eddie Izzard (well duh), Billy Connelly, Jack Black

16. Current residence: Leigh, Lancashire, UK, Earth, The Milky Way, Galaxy, (turn right at Mars)

17. Place of birth: Hope Hospital, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK, Earth (etc)

18. Place of death: Still immortal, so that aint happening

19. Favourite sports: Football (the English version) and occasionally Basketball (the American version)

20. Favourite holiday: erm, Christmas I suppose

21. Favourite holiday location: The Sauna, anywhere

22. Favourite car: A 1967 Volkswagon Beetle Convertable in Electric Blue, don't ask why.

23. Any pets: Three cats (or 7 cause ones had kittens)

24. Languages spoken: English, erm, a little in various other languages

25. Favourite telly programme: Scrubs or Teachers

26. Goals in life: To reach my full potential as a writer

27. Favourite books: Glamorama (Brett Easton Ellis), Complete Plays (Sarah Kane) and er the Harry Potter Books

28. Hero: Batman (just kidding) erm, John Hodge (Screenwriter, wrote Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and A Life Less Ordinary)

29. Favourite cartoon character: Ahh, the tough question, erm, Daffy Duck

30. Guilty pleasure/vice: Smoking (damn you nicotene)

31. Favourite swearword/ crude phrase: Feck off you motherfecking idiot

32. Level of edumacation: Highly Edumacted I am a waste of intelligence though.

33. Favourite word: Anarchy

34. Favourite animal: Duck-Billed Platypus

35. Would you shag Eddie: If we were having coffee and it came up, sure why not

36. Hobbies: Writing (hopefully that'll be a profession soon) Acting (again hopefully proffession) Web doodling and er reading.

37. Profession: Over Qualified Bar Supervisor for Walkabout Inns,

38. How many teeth do you have: All of them (3's the average isn't it?)

39. Favourite piece of art: The Temptation of St Anthony by Heironymous Bosch

40. Favourite artist: Tracy Emin

41. Favourite author: Argh, er, Chuck Paliahnuck, Bret Easton Ellis, Sarah Kane, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe

42. How do you like your eggs: Anyway they come big boy

43. Do you belong to any clubs: I am a member of Leigh Actors and Writers Group and Thirty6 Performance Arts Group

44. What is your favourite planet: Ggjeur3njdfc, which is somewhere to the left of Uranus, carry on past the lights, and you can't miss it it kinda looks like '@' .

45. Ultimate fantasy: ehehehehhe, lets leave that alone, there's too many things to put there

46. How many times (approximately) have you been stoned: depends on your definition of 'stoned', I'd say 7

47. Favourite symbol: Anarchy (the A in a circle thing) or Yin Yang

48. Do you know where the peace sign originated: N D (Nuclear Disarmament) in Semaphore

49. Have you ever shoplifted: Yes, sweets from Woolworths

50. If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would they be: John Lennon, Sarah Kane, Eddie Izzard, Malcolm X and Hitler (I'd sit the last two next to each other - the dinner would definately be interesting)




1. Name: Jenni

2. Blather name:  Indygirl

3. Other nicknames:  I'm boring.  I have no other nicknames!

4. Date of Birth:  09/02/1978

5. Date of Death:  02/07/2004-------  I'm really a vampire. 

6. If you were on Death row, why would you be there:  B/C I finally went crazy at work and killed all the drunks/prisoners/unthankful patients that yell/spit/pee/and throw things on/at me. 

7. If you were on Death row and could pick your method of execution:  Their gonna freak out when they find out they can't kill me.  (see question #5)

8. If you were on Death row, what would your final meal be: Crab legs & ice-cream

9. Favourite drink: french lemonade

10. Favourite alcomolic drink: a bloody mary with extra olives

11. Favourite song:  Too many to name.  Any I can sing along with.

12. Favourite bands:  Aerosmith, maroon 5, switchfoot, and many more I can't remember...

13. Favourite films:  I dan't remember.  I have commitment anxiety.

14. Favourite actor/ actress: Drew Barrymore, cameron diaz, stuart townsend, and I can't remember his name... You know, what's his name!  He played in that new m ovie! :)

15. Favourite comedians:  duh!

16. Current residence: Seattle, but perm address in Indiana.

17. Place of birth: Indiana

18. Place of death:San Francisco

19. Favourite sports: Discus

20. Favourite holiday: I usually don't have to work it, it's nice out, and we have a great cook out with tons of good food, and lots of cold beer!

21. Favourite holiday location: beware...  mushy answer ahead...  with my family

22. Favourite car: A red jag, newer edition.  or an older mustang, red of course.

23. Any pets: One kitty.  Isabella

24. Languages spoken:  English, blatheren, and a little spanish, and ASL

25. Favourite telly programme: Six feet under, Dead like me, Queer as folk, and the L word.

26. Goals in life: Get out of nursing.  Become a set designer, marry for love, and for money.  (hey I can dream can't I)

27. Favourite books:  The witching hour by Anne Rice

28. Hero:  Good question.  I like bits of tons of people. 

29. Favourite cartoon character:  I loved the smurfs!

30. Guilty pleasure/vice:  Shoes and ice-cream.  Not necessarily in that order.

31. Favourite swearword/ crude phrase:  Oh, for fucks sake!

32. Level of edumacation:  too much if you ask me!  4 years of college.

33. Favourite word:  I don't know if I have one.  Any word that just rolls off your tongue.

34. Favourite animal:  Cat

35. Would you shag Eddie:  Just tell me when.

36. Hobbies:  Does Blather count?  Painting, exploring new cities, taking great photos of people.

37. Profession:  ER nurse

38. How many teeth do you have: 28, when my fangs aren't out.

39. Favourite piece of art:  Any that obviously took a lot of thought, and shows the artists personality.

40. Favourite artist: Van Go, Davinci

41. Favourite author:  Too many

42. How do you like your eggs: Scrambled with cheese on toast, with bacon. 

43. Do you belong to any clubs: Does the blatherers count?

44. What is your favourite planet: Mars.  It got to peek into Eddie's window.

45. Ultimate fantasy:  That's a secret my friend... :)

46. How many times (approximately) have you been stoned:  only a handful.  The first time was just last summer.

47. Favourite symbol: Infinity, fluer delice (sp?) swirlygigs... (can't explain it)

48. Do you know where the peace sign originated: Nope...

49. Have you ever shoplifted: Nope... but could be arrested as an accessory...

50. If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would they be:

Marilyn Monroe, Eddie, Leonardo Davinci, My Gran, and last but not least... GOD.



1. Name:  Anna Latek

2. Blather name: Anna (formerly AnnaUK13) Imaginative, eh?

3. Other nicknames: None that shall be repeated.

4. Date of Birth: December 5, 1980 (3 days before John Lennon was

5. Date of Death: Um...I dunno.  Could be next week, could be next
millennium.  We'll know when it happens.

6. If you were on Death row, why would you be there:  Because I was
enough to get caught, duh!  As far as the crime...saying "Ar-kan-sass"
instead of "Ar-kan-saw" in Little Rock.  It really is a law...look it

7. If you were on Death row and could pick your method of execution: 
by lightning.  (That should keep the warden busy!)

8. If you were on Death row, what would your final meal be:  My
buffalo wings. YUMMY!!!

9. Favourite drink: Diet Dr. Pepper, chocolate milk

10. Favourite alcoholic drink: Miller High Life, a good cosmopolitan or
even better dry martini (straight up, two olives)

11. Favourite song: "Imagine", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Yesterday"

12. Favourite bands: Beatles, Queen, Manic Street Preachers, Depeche
Unbelievable Truth

13. Favourite films: "Limelight" (great Charlie Chaplin movie), "Office
Space", "Schindler's List", "The Breakfast Club", "Dr. Strangelove"

14. Favourite actor/ actress: Other than the Edster... Charlie Chaplin,
Orson Welles, Liam Neeson, Liev Schreiber, Kenneth Branagh, John
Salma Hayek, Emma Thompson, Halle Berry

15. Favourite comedians: Other than the Edster (again)...Louis Black,
Stewart, Bill Maher, Bill Hicks, Mike Myers, Dennis Miller (before he
right-wing on us), Al Franken. Jeneane Garofalo

16. Current residence: Milwaukee, WI

17. Place of birth: Greenville, PA

18. Place of death: Hopefully in the south of Europe in a villa, not on

19. Favourite sports: HOCKEY!!!, football (American and British),
jet skiing, thumb wrestling

20. Favourite holiday: Flag Day (ha ha! Found you!)

21. Favourite holiday location: Port Dover, Ontario

22. Favourite car: 2004 Mini Cooper S (my Alfie!)

23. Any pets: Sarge & Gus (dogs), Tom, Peggy, and Tabs (cats) Phish

24. Languages spoken: English (both normal and southern dialects),
French, some Italian, Polish, and just enough Yugoslavian to get me

25. Favourite telly programme: "Jonathan Creek", "This Hour Has 22
"Kids In The Hall", and yes, I admit it...I do sometimes watch

26. Goals in life: 3.21 GAA...oh!  You mean things I want to
achieve...sorry!  Um, I want to become a really wicked PR goddess. (Are
listening, Borkowski?)  That, or I might go to college and become a
chef.  All this if I can't become a cast member on "Saturday Night

27. Favourite books: "The Little Prince", Cronicles of Narnia, anything
Shakespeare, Pinter, or Stoppard (plays, but they read like books),
Jones' Diary" by Helen Fielding, and anything by Jane Green.

28. Hero: Dorothy Parker

29. Favourite cartoon character: Hong Kong Phooey, Daffy Duck, and Baby

30. Guilty pleasure/vice: US Weekly, People, other pseudo-tabloids.

31. Favourite swearword/ crude phrase:  Ass-cannoning fuck monkey;
A; and the classic, shitshitshitshitshit (usually uttered after burning
hand while cooking, or slamming my hand in the car door)

32. Level of edumacation: 3 years of college...spread out over the last
years.  You do the math.

33. Favourite word: expunge, ubiquitous, mirage (just say that last
one...nice, eh?)

34. Favourite animal: I love them all.

35. Would you shag Eddie: Hell yes!  Where's the queue?

36. Hobbies: Playing hockey, cooking w/ the BF, piano, singing, doing
comedy, gardening, making jewelry.

37. Profession: Student/half-assed slacker/happy homemaker

38. How many teeth do you have: 26 (the other two are implants.  I play
hockey, remember?)

39. Favourite piece of art:  Besides Eddie?  *lol*  "Cafe Du Nuit" by
Vincent Van Gogh

40. Favourite artist: Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Alphonse

41. Favourite author: Jane Green, Antoine St-Exupery

42. How do you like your eggs: Scrambled until rubbery

43. Do you belong to any clubs:  I guess Blatheren is a club...but I
belong to any "official" clubs.

44. What is your favourite planet:  Planet X (with Duck Dodgers and

45. Ultimate fantasy: Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup,
Indians win the World Series, Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl, and
Bush does not get re-elected!  All in one year!

46. How many times (approximately) have you been stoned: Attempted to
+/- 10.  Actually accomplished: 2

47. Favourite symbol:  Infinity (the mathematical symbol, not the car!)

48. Do you know where the peace sign originated: Yes

49. Have you ever shoplifted: No, but I have had people give me free
for being patient/nice/friendly during the Christmas shopping rush.

50. If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who
they be:
Simon Wiesenthal, Gandhi, Chairman Mao, FDR, and John Lennon.


Agnes Clark

1. Name: Agnes Clark

2. Blather name: Mrs. Badcrumble

3. Other nicknames: Babe, Mum, She who must be obeyed

4. Date of Birth: 20th Century

5. Date of Death: I'm not going

6. If you were on Death row, why would you be there: I did not stop all
others from being hanged, now no one is left to save me. I am next.

7. If you were on Death row and could pick your method of execution:
Send me
to the planet where Caleacomis resides. I'll not get there but will
the ride while it lasts.

8. If you were on Death row, what would your final meal be: All
foods I love, a long list!

9. Favourite drink: Zato's Purple Passion Tea, hot, with Eddie across a

10. Favourite alcoholic drink: Wonderful white wines, a screwdriver
Eddie sounds delicious.

11. Favourite song: "I Love You for Sentimental Reasons". Yes! It's our

12. Favourite bands: Neil Diamond, Sting, Spike Jones & the City

13. Favourite films: African Queen, Miracle, Seabiscuit, Saving Private
Ryan, Philadelphia, Contact, Close Encounters, Silence of the Lambs,
Nemo, Shrek, The Barbershop, Matrix, RoboCop, Lord of the Rings, Harry
Potter, & Lady Killers

14. Favourite actor/ actress: Eddie Izzard, the Kevins, Kline & Spacey,
Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Dule Hill, Hal Holbrook, Tom Hanks, &
Newman (all 3 from Cleavage) John Spencer, Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, Jody
Foster, Stockard Channing, Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Goldie
Susan Sarandon, Allison Janey, Betty Davis

15. Favourite comedians: Eddie, Tim (Tom) Conway (Living in Cleavage),

16. Current residence :Spaceship Earth traveling 1,000 mph across the
vastness of space

17. Place of birth: A maternity hospital, where at age 14 I was a Candy
Stripe volunteer

18. Place of death: I choose not to go thank you!

19. Favourite sports: Those in which I excelled ‹ bowling, softball ( I
a pitcher, but could not hit worth a damn)

20. Favourite holiday: Christmas with all the family gathered 'round

21. Favourite holiday location: Currently, the Kimballs' home in the
country. It's Norman Rockwell grand!

22. Favourite car: BMW with John at the wheel driving 85 mph

23. Any pets: Alas, they are all in pet heaven.

24. Languages spoken: American, New York (where cawfee is the correct
pronunciation for the word coffee) Polish, & Latin (Latin lives as long
gardeners live!)

25. Favourite telly programme: West Wing

26. Goals in life: To be ageless, live forever, & become a published

27. Favourite books: I'll chose but 4 ‹ Cold Mountain by Charles
The DaVince Code by Dan Brown, (novels) A Short History of Nearly
by Bill Bryson, & Making of the President, 1960 by Theodore White.

28. Hero: My first love, we were but 10 years old when I knew he was my

29. Favourite cartoon character: Agnes by Tony Cochran (Too obvious?)

30. Guilty pleasure/vice: Doing nothing

31. Favourite swearword/ crude phrase: Shit (Eddie may change my
word one day)

32. Level of edumacation: It's an ongoing process.

33. Favourite word: LOVE

34. Favourite animal: Female Whales. They help one another during
nurse their young, form a matriarchal society, and remain friends for

35. Would you shag Eddie: It would be lovely, I suppose, but I'll leave
fantasy to others

36. Hobbies: Photography, gardening, and Floral designing

37. Profession: Former talk show host/producer; occasional TV show

38. How many teeth do you have: All that are left

39. Favourite piece of art: An oriental calligraphy style painting by
P. J.
Finegan & a lichen encrusted Rock painting by Jean Stull

40. Favourite artist: Patrick Finegan, Georgia O'Keefe, Winslow Homer,
Leonardo DaVinci (He's also a lefty)

41. Favourite author: David Halberstam, David McCullough, Theodore
White, &
Bill Bryson (nonfiction, all)

42. How do you like your eggs: Sunny side up, please

43. Do you belong to any clubs: Prefer not to be regimented by
any longer.

44. What is your favourite planet: I adore the Blue Planet on which we
traveling, tho' each clear night I gaze up Venus I do feel a certain

45. Ultimate fantasy: That I find the magical power to create a
filled with everlasting love, goodness, health, and creativity among
inhabitants one and all. And that we meet other beings from wherever
also have the same aspirations.

46. How many times (approximately) have you been stoned: two fewer than
Cathy in Cleavage

47. Favourite symbol: Peace symbol; wore it proudly for years

48. Do you know where the peace sign originated: No, but I'd like to
its origin.

49. Have you ever shoplifted: Tho' I must admit it has been tempting on
occasion, the five fingered discount is not a good idea.

50. If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who
they be: GOD, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, and
Saigon. Reason? So we could all learn together how the marvels, those
know about and those we do not yet know about, were created.