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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Abraxas or Cathy


Please note that this is a fan- sponsored event and neither Eddie nor his management have anything to do with it.

EddieFest SURVEY!!!

PLEASE take the EddieFest survey if you haven't already! If you're going, it's very important to fill this out! The faster we get all the results in, the faster we can have an itinerary! Just copy and paste into an email and send it off to Cathy!



EddieFest 04!!!!!





Hosted By: Cathy Finegan (Cathy in Cleavage)



EddieFest 04 the first annual celebration of the life and work of

Eddie Izzard in Cleveland, OHIO, USA


The activities of the weekend will be organized with the attendees in mind, and therefore, I am requesting that you complete the following two-page questionnaire, and return it to me so I can begin making the final plans for the festivities.  You can type your answer on the same line.



Your Name:


Your Email Address:


Your Blather Name:


I am 18 years old or older:  (Yes or No)



I plan on arriving: (14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, other-specify)


I plan on departing on: (15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, other-specify)


I will make my own arrangements for lodging while there: (Yes or No)


I want to stay at the same hotel with the other attendees:  (Yes or No)


I would like to buddy up in the hotel to save on expenses:  (Yes or No)


I am willing to share a room with (one, two, three) people:


I would like to bring food/beverage to help out: (Yes or No)


I have Eddie stuff I would like to bring to show everyone:  (Yes or No)


I am willing to help with the planning- just ask me:  (Yes or No)


I am willing to give you a hand once I get there:  (Yes or No)


I have rare/ hard to find material (DVDs, mostly) I would be willing to bring to watch: (Yes or No)




Page 2



I would like to focus solely on Eddie's material (DVDs, tapes):  (Yes or No)


I would like to mix material with games and contests and other what not:  (Yes or No)


I would participate in a Best Eddie-inspired Outfit:  (Yes or No)


I have Eddie-related items I can donate as prizes: (Yes or No)



In this section, type YES next to any answers that pertain.  Otherwise leave it blank.


I want to watch:


            Live at the Ambassadors:                                       Unrepeatable:


            Definite Article:                                                      Glorious:


            Dress to Kill:                                                         Circle:


            Sexie:                                                                    40:


            A Day in the Death of Joe Egg:                              Mongrel Nation:


            All the Queen's Men:                                             Avengers:


            Cat's Meow:                                                         Circus:


            Criminal:                                                                Mystery Men:


            Revengers Tragedy:                                               Secret Agent:


            Shadow of the Vampire:                                      Velvet Goldmine: 


            Lust for Gorious:                                                   Je Suis:


            Other (Specify):


            Other American/ Canadian Television (Specify):


            Other British Television (Specify):         


Other Comments/ Suggestions: